At Vermont Electronics, we take security and fire alarm systems seriously, after all the security of your home or business relies on this system. That is why we take such great care in selecting the proper components for the system, and take the time to design and install it correctly.

For our security and fire system installations we use components and systems from HAI. We have found that this systems offer the greatest security, flexibility, convenience, and features our customers demand.

Whether you desire to access your system from across the world, or across the living room, our installations will work for you. We offer the convenience of IP access, as well as mobile phone, and we can even configure your system to work with your smart phone. We can install cameras, motion sensors, and door and window contacts, all to ensure the security of your home, family, or business. We use smoke and heat detectors where necessary, and offer the ability to link the entire system to a 24 Hour monitoring service. Give us a call, or stop by the store, and we will build the system that is best suited to your needs.

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